Scattered chatter

  Before I start each trip I take a moment.I do a quick prayer with my Saint Christopher around my neck.
More for the safety of my passengers.
One never knows what’s coming…In essence we are travelers.We spend our days venturing through different neighborhoods and downtown.We are never in one spot.It’s been almost twelve years since I’ve worked in a building or office setting…To be honest after what I’ve dealt with in this job for that many years I don’t know how I’d react to some petty office squabble…
  I start the bus and clear my thoughts.I let go of personal issues and open the door to my first passengers. I greet everyone that boards.I offer a smile.Sometimes I’m greeted back or ignored.Either way I keep moving.I try to keep discrepancies short and quiet.As the bus moves I see the places I used to hang out at or places that have replaced my past.I see people as they board and I look through them.I can imagine their homes or lack of.I can imagine where they are going or coming from.When they board with little money I can see where they are in life,especially when they have children with them…I try to keep moving and keep harmony.Somtimes the ones that disrupt the harmony have to be removed.
  In my mind my favorite songs play.At times they create a strange theme or soundtrack to what’s going on or who is boarding…I find my mood affects everyone who is riding.When I’m in a good mood everyone seems to feel it.When I’m in a bad mood the bus is quiet.We are all surrounded by each other in this mobile social study.My songs blare over the chatter.It can get overwhelming being in that driver’s seat.Orchestrating a chaos of people.At times I feel like a teacher scolding a student. “You can’t do that, Charlie.Go to time out.”The songs in my head get louder.
  Colfax is a very historical and interesting street.It’s old dirty charm…The dust of the gutters has an aroma that clings to your clothes.The people are in their own way iconic and their originality makes my day beam and at times angry.I am grateful to be part of it,from it,and driving it…I welcome all,come for a ride…


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