There just seems to be those days.That day where you wake up with every intention of having a good day.It may start out with actually feeling rested.From a good dream.With a shit eating grin on your face…And when you stub your toe on the edge of the bed that should be your first warning to take the day off…but you’re determined it’s nothing but a minor set back to an otherwise glorious day ahead…yep,should have called in and stared at the ceiling all day,but one can never truly see these days coming.This I believe is where the Yiddish word “schmuck” originates.From not seeing the otherwise obvious…
  I limped into the bathroom and got the shower running.My son was at his mom’s so I didn’t have to drive him across town to school.The extra two hours sleep was nice.I missed him tremendously,and hoped he was having a good morning as I got into the shower.My wife was still asleep.She works nights and sleeps during the day.Our cats crawl into bed taking my warm place as I prepare for the day.The shower was nice and warm.I sang “everyday” by Buddy Holly as I put shampoo in my hair.The pain in my toe was going away.As I started rinsing off the shampoo,some got in my eyes and began to sting.I tried to pull our shower head off to rinse them out when I slipped and fell onto the tub floor.Luckily I caught myself enough to not have a worse fall,but I landed right on my right side rib cage.Oh it hurt.I made my way up, cleaned out my eyes,finished up and got dressed.
  My wife is a sweetheart and makes my lunch when she gets home from work.She gets putzie when she gets home.I put my badges on my uniform and pulled my lunch out and set it on the counter.One of our cats knocked down a plant and got dirt everywhere.I cleaned it up and realized I was now running late.I threw on my jacket and grabbed my backpack and walked to the bus stop.Once there I realized I left my lunchbox at home.I don’t usually carry cash and I don’t have a card,so I realized at that point I was ass out going to have one of those days…my bus came.Still,the schmuck in me held onto the idea things might get better.
  I get off at Onieda and cross the street.This is where I make relief,at Colfax and Onieda.I sit and pull out a book.Not long until my bus arrives,so I start reading.I get caught up reading and realize some time has gone by.I look at my watch.It’s 26 minutes after my bus was supposed to leave,outside of the arrival time,I realize altogether it’s 38 minutes late….I stand up and start pacing.Another six minutes pass by and it finally arrives.It was not my regular driver.I quickly set up the mirrors and transfers and log on.I call dispatch to see if I can get respaced.The driver gave me no reason why he was almost an hour late on a thirty minute trip….Dispatch tells me to just run it late.At this point I think to myself it doesn’t matter I didn’t bring my lunch…I’m not getting a break for the rest of the day.As bus drivers we don’t have scheduled lunch breaks or ten minute breaks every two hours…it’s all based on our layover,and if we’re late in our layover time there goes our break…
  Despite the amount of busses on Colfax it’s inevitable that if you’re late there will be shit tons of people at every stop.Not to mention how many of them that won’t have their fare ready or need the lift.And have tons of groceries.The lift doesn’t bother me.You need it for a reason.The groceries doesn’t bother me as much either.If you don’t have a car you have to make due…But not having your fare ready really eats me.You see me coming.There is absolutely no reason to wait until I pull up to start looking for it,especially when there is a line of people behind you.I can’t yell at you,but believe me I cheer inside when someone else starts to speak up.It has become a huge pet peave of mine.It’s just very inconsiderate and wastes so much time….
  Right away people are pissed as well.For starters,there were three local busses ahead of me,mind you they were supposed to be behind me…but as a passenger it would appear like an extra bus was out there.Maybe it’s my vibe wanting to hurry that makes people realize I’m late?I don’t know.All I know is people start taking stuff out on me.Calling me “nigga” and “asshole”,or the beloved “bitch”.I figure I’m late,so screw it.I get them off the bus when they start calling me names.I pull over,open both doors,one way or another I don’t leave until they are off and I’ve gotten the last middle finger flung at me.I’m not a punching bag and we don’t have to tolerate this behavior.No one should.
  The day has gone on at this point.The late minutes have dwindled to just a few minutes.I’ve been called many of things,not had a chance to piss or eat or smoke a cigarette in almost seven hours.I make the turn onto 14th Street from Larimer.I have about thirty college students on the bus.A car on my right side started pulling up as I was making the right turn.I see she has still a car length and a half in front of her.I compensate for the future space I’ll  have and then she stops short.She got a text and I remember seeing her look at her phone as she steps on her breaks and the side of my bus collides with the rear corner of her car.You can hear the crunching sound.The students all grumble as we pull off to the side.She pulled over first and you can actually hear the plastic from her tail light fall onto the pavement.I get my passengers off my bus as I block traffic for them.Only one of them was nice enough to say “I hope your day gets better.”The rest personally griped at me as they walked to the next bus stop.After ten minutes the supervisor and police officer show up.The lady was at least friendly during all this despite the damage I caused her car.The cop asked if she wanted me to get a ticket and she said no.The supervisor cleared it with dispatch after the lady and cop left.I finally got a break.He told me to go back to Auraria and wait until my next leave time.I finally used the restroom,smoked a couple cigarettes,took a deep breath and did my last trip.I got home that night after work and though I missed my wife and son,I sat in silence and enjoyed the little bit of solitude before my wife got home from work.I didn’t have the tv on or my record player.I didn’t read.I just sat and stared at the floor for a couple of hours and breathed.


2 thoughts on “Solitude.

  1. I would love to hear more stories. I used to ride the bus for many years, and I must admit that when the passengers do not have their fare ready, I’m ready to go off too. Also those damn texters and drivers, they need to quit! (At least) they should only do it at a stop light or while waiting for a train. So many accidents because of angry people and texters. People should save a life and put the cell phone down while driving. Why didn’t you tell the police that she was texting? She could’ve harmed you and the rude passengers on your bus. Although it is nice for the police to give an option on issuing a citation, couldn’t you have the police issue her one?.

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